The Vermont Police Canine Association Hall of Fame

The VT Police Canine Association began in 2000 as a non-profit association to support VT’s Police K9 Teams with additional training, equipment and other needs. Although our non-profit Association is relatively new, VT’s Police Canine Program began in 1979, and has been credited with hundreds of arrests, hundreds of lives saved, tons of drugs seized, and millions of dollars in seized assets.

Several years ago one of senior handlers, Corporal Tom Radford of the Burlington Police Department (with his dog, K-9 Stoney) strongly believed that there needed to be some recognition of the work done by our teams over the years. In 2008 his plan had gained enough momentum and he had raised enough funds to build the VT Police Canine Hall of Fame.

In May 2008 we inducted 14 members into the new Hall of Fame. In May of 2009 we inducted 3 more, and 1 more in May of 2010.

Inductees are determined by a vote from the VT Police Canine Committee, which is also tasked by the VT Criminal Justice Training Council with certifications and creating training standards for our program.

The standards for induction are strict:

This is the highest honor bestowed on a Vermont Police K9 Team or person. The Hall of Fame is reserved for K9 Teams and/or person(s) that exhibited outstanding dedication to the VT Police K9 Program throughout their career. Hall of Fame inductees remained proficient in all phases of training, promoted the positive attributes of the K9 program yearly, and who either performed heroic deed(s), obtained major accomplishments, or dedicated their lives to the betterment of the program. The Hall of Fame is reserved for the K9 teams and/or person(s) who are considered the best of their era or major contributors to the success of the program, and whose passion towards this elite position was exhibited in the high quality of work they produced throughout their years of service to the K9 Program..

Committee members agreed that this honor is for retired K9 teams; that the team would have had to work 5 years together; to have performed at a level of excellence for a long time, including numerous great deeds with a “never give up” attitude; and if a dog loses it’s life in the performance of their duties.

Our Hall of Fame members are:

Retired Sgt. Fred Bush – VSP
Retired Roy Holton – VSP
Retired Col. Tom Powlovich and K-9 Cheyenne- VSP
Sgt. Linda Jones Elrick – Rutland PD
Sgt. Gary Genova – VSP
Retired Sgt. (present head K-9 Trainer) Bob Ryan and K-9 Max – Barre City PD
Sgt. Tom Jacques and K-9 Caesar – VSP
Sgt. Russell Robinson and K-9 Major – VSP
Corporal Ed Hunter and K-9 Xerxes – VSP
Chief Chris Morrell and K-9 Doc – Hinesburg PD
Sgt. Todd Protzman and K-9 Max – VSP
Ofc. Dave Dewey and K-9 Kilo – Winooski PD\Colchester PD
Cpl. Tom Radford and K-9 Stoney – Burlington PD
Chief Rick Cloud and K-9 Tazz, Chester PD
Sgt. Eric Albright and K-9 Luca – VSP 
Mike Glodgett and K-9 Onde   –  Newport PD 
Andrew “Andy” Holbrook (non handler category)
Sgt. Moe Lamothe and K-9 JC – VSP