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Dining to Donate

January 6th, 2015 | Posted in Blog

Bring your family and all your friends to the Texas Roadhouse – Williston, VT between 4:00-10:00 pm for dinner. Give our flyer to your server and 10% of your check will be donated to Lacey’s Fund to provide cancer treatment for retired K9 Quincy. We will have a 50/50 raffle and other raffle items! Come out and meet a few of the K9’s!

Please sign up at our Facebook Event page if you plan to participate.

Click the flyer below to download a PDF version to print and bring with you when you dine.



Thank you all for your support!

2014 VPCA Ball

June 29th, 2014 | Posted in Blog

This years VPCA Ball will be held November 1 at the Hilton Burlington starting at 6:00 PM. The event is open to everyone and tickets are $75 each which includes dinner, dancing and a door prize ticket.

Purchase tickets at our store on the VPCA Ball tickets tab above.

2014 Iron Dog

June 29th, 2014 | Posted in Blog

The 2014 Green Mountain Iron Dog will be Saturday September 27. Registration is now open!

You will find a few changes in the process. We now have two heats: The Iron Dog PRO heat is the competitive heat in the morning, with the rest of the pack running after our opening ceremonies around noon.

Details to follow regarding training opportunities and such.

Click here to register online:

Hope to see you there!

8th Annual K9 Classic Golf tournament

July 20th, 2013 | Posted in Blog

100_0293This year’s event will be held Friday, August 15th, 2014 at the beautiful Montague Golf Club in Randolph, Vermont.
This is a fund raiser for the Vermont Police Canine Association(VPCA).The VPCA is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing financial assistance and training to Police Service Dog Teams in Vermont and New Hampshire.

For more information download the flyer 2014 K9 golf flyer<

K9 Vest Fundraiser

March 17th, 2013 | Posted in Blog

RackMultipart20130304-31146-1sypv04_grid_6 Funding Bullet- and Stab-Proof Vests for Dogs

The Vested Interests in K9’s raised over $155,000 and is providing vests to 163 K9s across the country, including a number of K9’s from VT.

Thank you to those who donated and who shared the links with friends and family!
We will post pictures here of the VPCA K9’s with their new vests soon.

K9 Demo

February 26th, 2012 | Posted in Blog

By Martha Slater

The Rochester E.X.C.E.L. afterschool program had a visit Monday from Vermont State Police Officer Bob Giolito and his canine partner, Officer Mitch. The kids, who have been studying wilderness survival, learned from Officers Giolito and Mitch how the police find missing persons using a combination of human tracking skills and the superior smelling power of the canine unit. (Herald / Tim Calabro) Many of the students in the ExCel after-school program at Roch­ester Elementary School were wiggling in their chairs with excitement Monday afternoon when Vermont State Troo­per Bob Giolito and his K-9 unit partner, a German Shepherd named Mitch, visited the school with U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officer Mike Klingen­smith. Klingensmith, who is stationed at the Green Mountain Forest Service office in Rochester, and also lives in town with his family, often works with Trooper Giolito and Mitch on search operations, and arranged for them to visit the school.

The students, who have been working on a unit about outdoor survival in cold weather, had lots of good questions for Trooper Giolito.

“What if more than one person gets lost?” they wanted to know.

He explained that Mitch can pick up and distinguish the scent of specific people, out of all the smells around him.

Asked if Mitch ever got lost, Giolito said that had actually happened the very first day he got him seven years ago.

“We hadn’t bonded yet, and when he got out of the car at my house, he dashed away after a deer. An hour later, I found him back in my yard.”

The two soon became a team, and Mitch makes his home with Giolito, who demonstrated many of the commands he uses to communicate with him, including saying “plotz,” the German word for sit, to get him to do so.

Ready to play the role of a “lost” person, so the kids could see the team in action, Klingen­smith went outside to hide in the fields behind the school. Ten minutes later, the sun was setting behind the mountains across the river, when everyone headed out to find him.

Student Daron Gendron, who had been assigned the role of group leader, held an article of Klingensmith’s clothing for Mitch to sniff. Giolito and the dog headed across the field as Mitch had his nose to the ground, hot on the trail. Within a few minutes, Klingensmith was discovered at the far end of the field, hiding behind a large pile of dirt and rocks. Following the successful “rescue operation,” Giolito asked Gendron to recap the steps the team went through to find someone.

Giolito later explained that he and Mitch also do other types of work together, in addition to searching for people who are lost or for criminals who are hiding from authorities. The state police K-9 teams are tested once a year for their drugdetection skills and can distinguish between the smells of seven different kinds of narcotics.

This is the first K-9 dog Giolito has been paired with, and it was clear from watching them that they make a good team.

VPCA Canopy

August 17th, 2011 | Posted in Blog

Keep a look out for the new VPCA canopy during the next few months at events around the state. We look forward to seeing you at Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs on Sunday, September 18 and at Iron Dog on Saturday, October 1!

Online Store

December 5th, 2010 | Posted in Blog

We are proud to announce that our online store is now up and running! Just click on the “store” tab above our home page to access what we have to offer for you and your family. Please check back often as we post new items for you. Remember that all the proceeds go directly to supporting the K9’s and their handlers. Thank you for your support!

Military K9’s

November 2nd, 2010 | Posted in Blog

Here is a link Military K9 Tribute to a video honoring this country’s military K9’s and their handlers. Remember, freedom is not free!

Recent work by our K9 Teams

October 12th, 2010 | Posted in Blog

K-9 alerted on a backpack during a motor vehicle search and $9,970 in suspected drug money was seized from a pair of jeans inside the backpack.

K-9 alerted on a vehicle and 23 grams of marijuana was confiscated during a search warrant application.

Hard surface tracking find with multiple turns on city sidewalks of a suspect wanted for threatening a victim with a knife.  K-9 tracked a few blocks to the suspect’s residence for the find.

K-9 tracked from the scene of a burglary into nearby woods, down a steep hill and then made the find of the suspect who was hiding under some brush.

Short tracking find on a one hour old track of a suicidal subject with a handgun.  K-9 located the subject sitting down next to a building with the gun still in his hand.  K-9 performed a sit watch and during hard orders the subject dropped the gun.

A search warrant was obtained after K-9 alerted on a postal package and over a 1\4 ounce of cocaine was confiscated.

Tracking find of a larceny suspect from a vehicle through crowded streets down to a river bank where the suspect was deep in water and threatening the life of officer and dog.  The suspect threw a metal rake and hit K-9 and then threw a rock at the handler.  K-9 was not sent for fear of being drowned and handler tazed suspect and ended the conflict.

During a search warrant K-9 alerted on a storage trunk and backpack and over 10 ounces of marijuana and almost 2 ounces of hashish was confiscated along with $12,000 in suspected drug money.

Tracking find of a suspect wanted for assault with a deadly weapon and DUI.  The suspect was found behind a vacant building in the fetal position with a knife on him.

Tracking find of a suspect attempting to break into his ex-girlfriend’s residence before fleeing.  K-9 tracked through woods, onto hard surfaces, and then back into the woods before the suspect gave up when he heard K-9 approaching.

Vehicle alert led to $2900, over 2 grams of cocaine and pills being confiscated.  A search warrant obtained for a residence and an indoor grow operation found.

Tracking find of suspect wanted in armed robbery with a knife of fentinol patches.  K-9 tracked from the PLS to a residence where suspect had been.  Residents advised where the suspect was brought via vehicle and he was arrested.

Over 2 lbs. of marijuana located after a k-9 alert led to a search warrant on a vehicle.

K-9 alert on a vehicle where 6.7 grams of crack cocaine was located after consent given.
Alerted on a lock box that had 4 grams of cocaine inside.

Vehicle alert led to search warrant where felony amount of cocaine located (2.5 grams) and almost 1\4 ounce of marijuana.

Short tracking find of DUI suspect who fled after crashing his vehicle.

Short tracking find of suspect who fled out a window during a search warrant application.  The suspect was located hiding under a bush halfway down a steep hill.

Mostly hard surface tracking find of burglary suspect found with stolen items.

An alert on a vehicle resulted in over an ounce of cocaine and $840 being confiscated.

Area search find of a missing intoxicated female.  She was found in shallow water lying on rocks in a river, over a steep ledge.

Tracking\evidence find of a pursuit suspect on a motorcycle.  The suspect rode into the woods and jumped off his motorcycle and ran.  K-9 found the motorcycle and soon after the suspect.

Tracked a DUI|LSA suspect from the crash scene to a store.  The suspect was not on scene but later admitted he walked to the store with a BAC of .150.

Tracking find of an armed robber from a convenience store through city streets, into woods, onto railroad tracks to a vehicle.

Alerts on a truck two k-9s resulted in a search warrant that resulted in 122 marijuana plants, almost 1\2 ounce of processed marijuana, 58 suboxine pills and $645 in suspected drug money along with drug paraphernalia being confiscated.

An alert by K-9 on a safe resulted in $14,000 in suspected drug money found.

Short tracking find of a DUI suspect who fled from his vehicle.  The suspect was located by police during the track and K-9 alerted on the detained suspect.

During a search warrant deployment K-9 alerted on some shoe boxes that were inside a full garage.  Inside one of the shoe boxes was 27.1 grams of marijuana.

VT. POLICE K-9 PROGRAM 2010 HIGHLIGHT TOTALS (3rd Quarter)The following totals only include those that were reported  to TC Ryan.  There are many more lower level drug finds and tracking finds that are not included in the program highlights so the following statistics are the minimal totals recorded.

*       $40,155 in suspected drug money
*       14 Criminal Tracking Finds
*       2 lbs. and 11 1\2 oz. marijuana
*       1 1\2 ounces cocaine
*       6.7 grams crack cocaine
*       1 Search and Rescue find